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Welcome to Concret Technology

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is still undergoing the urban development battle in all related aspects e.g. commercial, industrial, and housing and etc. We it is understood that execution of facilities can be carried out by several technical techniques and applied rules which covers construction and development otherwise, the facilities shall include several major errors which shall require repairs and rehabilitation. Such errors and problems shall require technical and quick remedies by specialized offices and firms that assess such problems and endeavor to rectify it in accordance with the sound technical methods. This concrete technology establishment evolved to undertake such works. We hereby make our technical experiences, and advanced equipment at your disposal hoping that it shall be positive tool to resolve most of concrete problems and rehabilitate facilities and in turn to become development and construction tool in the whole gear of our precious nation.

Last Project

  • Name of Project: Shotcrete works to covering secant piles surface for a cinema project.
  • In City: Dammam
  • Description of Work: Apply one layer of shotcrete (installation of a galvanized wire mesh with a layer of spraying of ready-mix concrete) to level the surface of the secant pile and prepare it for the insulation works.

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