Supporting The Element Construction

The repair proves of the corrupted or distorted concrete due to loading loading it with weights exceeding its capacity is mandatory there are several methods of repair, some are traditional while some others are advances. Normally, upon selecting the adequate repair methods, we look for time important and intersected aspects: 1 ? Cost-effectiveness 2? Safety sometimes, in this section, we are more concerned with safety than the economic aspect taking into account the importance of human souls. Therefore, with the progress of science & technology, a new (FRP System), it is a strengthening and a support method easier, faster, and having a more safety co-efficient. The materials used in this system are the treated carbon-materials as the repair is considered as reinforcement of the construction elements in the pull area. Therefore, the construction element is prepared it withhold larger loads than those originally designed formed in case it becomes weak due to certain factors, it shall be treated to tolerate its loads instead of enlarging its concrete section or placing iron sections for strengthening it. In this system, materials produced by
International (MAPI) Company were utilized for strengthening most of the construction elements whether from the reinforced concrete, the pre-cast concrete or iron elements such as (columns, beams, tiles, bridges, arches, domes, silos, etc.)