Facilities Evalution

This first step to carry out in case of any structural or concrete problems in the facility is to perform evaluation process and study of the problem to specify the causes, damages and in turn limit the problem then to try to rectify the problem starting from handling the causes. Evaluation can be performed based on two foundations namely: specialized technical cadre that can study the problem and advanced technical equipment used in evaluation and such process consists of: Case study phase in all aspects, case description, required field and laboratory testing. Diagnosis phase and identification of cracks and concrete problem causes. Case evaluation and judgment of building safety status Remedy method identification and initiation of repairs. This department exploits state of art equipment to study concrete and reinforcement including collecting of concrete cores, exploiting hammer equipment and ultrasonic equipment to identify concrete strength, detect rust, study concrete physical and chemical characteristics, determine its influence by sulfurs and chlorides, study soil features and all related footing inspection methods and study structure of the facility?s elements to ensure design safety and finally specify the best repair techniques.